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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let's Get 'Lost': Hell Yes

I'm not much of a John Locke fan. Nothing against actor Terry O'Quinn, who acts the hell out of the character each week on Lost, but Locke is just not one of those characters I look forward to seeing - especially now that he's dead. However, even though last night's John-centric show doesn't rank high on my list of favorite episodes, it still had enough surprises to keep me glued to my TV.

Now let's take a closer look at what happened with our favorite characters this week:

Jack Shephard: No Jack does not make me a happy camper.

Kate Austen: And no Kate makes me even less happy.

Sawyer Ford: But there were some good Sawyer scenes, hooray! The MIB (Man in Black) Locke ended up at Sawyer's old DHARMA house to find the sexy guy drinking his misery away in soiled clothes and surrounded by mess (he's, of course, still devastated by Juliet's death). Sawyer didn't seem to care that MIB Locke wasn't really Locke, but he was interested to learn the man's answer to "the most important question in the world" - "Why are you on this island?" So Sawyer went off with MIB Locke, who took him down the side of a cliff to a cave. And once inside, MIB Locke showed him why he and the rest of the Lost gang are on the island - because Jacob wrote their names on the cave's ceiling with a mysterious number next to each one. Apparently they are all candidates to take over the job as the "protector" of the island - but it appears that Sawyer would rather just leave the lush wilderness behind since his response to MIB Locke's question, "Are you ready to go home?", was a firm "Hell yes." End of episode. So does this mean that Sawyer has been recruited over to the dark side? I hope not. I think he just wants to escape ASAP from the place where Juliet died - and maybe change into a clean shirt.

Hurley Reyes: There was a very intriguing Hurley scene in Locke's Parallel Time, in which Locke met Mr. Reyes in the parking lot of the company he was just fired from (for skipping his business conference in Australia in order to go on a walkabout). It was revealed that Hurley owned the company, and he was able to get Locke a new job through a temp agency that he also owned. And it was a pleasant surprise to see Rose as the office supervisor of the agency - even though she is now dying of terminal cancer (which magically went away when she was on the island).

Sayid Jarrah: No Sayid this week.

John Locke: It was nice to see Katey Sagal again as Locke's fiancée Helen in Parallel Time. She had the sweetest scene of the episode when she tore up Jack's business card and told Locke that the only thing she was ever waiting for was him. However, the most surprising scene was at the school where Locke got a new job as a substitute teacher - and his colleague turned out to be Ben Linus, who was bitching about the coffee in the teacher's lounge. Meanwhile, on the island in 2007, MIB Locke was startled to see a mysterious young boy in the jungle, who told him, "You know the rules; you can't kill him" (a reference to Sawyer - I think). But please don't ask me who the boy is because I have no clue.

Ben Linus: He also appeared on the island as he, Sun, Ilana (whom I still haven't warmed up to), and the groovy Frank Lapidus buried the real Locke's body. Ben confessed to the surprised group that he was very sorry that he murdered the man, which then led to the best - and funniest - line of the episode as Frank said, "That's the weirdest damn funeral I've ever been to."

Jin and Sun Kwon: No Jin - or Claire, whom he met in the jungle at the end of last week's episode - but Sun briefly showed up on the island to bury Locke's body.

Richard Alpert: He was looking less than stylish this week as MIB Locke had hit him in the throat and was now keeping him tied up in a tree on the island. MIB Locke wanted Richard on "his side" (i.e. the dark evil side), but the hot and bleeding guy wanted no part of this partnership (I think he just wanted to find a mirror to make himself pretty again). Richard later tried to convince Sawyer that MIB Locke just wanted everyone dead, but Sawyer didn't seem all that concerned by this disturbing news.

So although I liked last night's Hurley, Ben and Rose cameos in Locke's Parallel Time, I think I'll enjoy next week's episode a lot more since it will be all about our favorite doctor, Jack Shephard. Until then, get lost.


Steven Anthony said...

last night really sucked me in...well done

Thom Davis said...

"and maybe change into a clean shirt"
...and hopefully some clean boxers! did you see that big ol' skeezie butt stain?!?! for a minute it felt like a Sam Shepard play! ;-)
...I'm intrigued by the parallel story line, but I am really curious as to how that is going to play out, especially since Jack seemed to have a vague sense that something is up...speaking of Jack, I HOPE he has grown his delicious body fur back this season for Richard, YUM! he has the cutest butt! I kind of like him all bloody and disheveled (and his shirt open wide at the neck so I can see HIS yummy fur ;-)

Deep Dish said...

Hey, Thom, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who appreciates the eye candy of Lost. Even when the storylines get so twisted I don't know what the hell is going on, at least there's Sawyer, Jack and especially Richard to lust after.

RAD said...

I am enjoyin LOST in its final weeks epi looks to answer more questions and of course open new ones...looks good though! This week was all about Looke-- not my fave either...

Thom Davis said...

Sawyer has never done much for me--he tries too hard I think
my top 10 sexy LOST guys:
1) Richard
2) FURRY Jack
3) Boone
4) Mr. Eko
5) Jacob
6) Jin
7) Keamy
8) Ethan
9) Christian (yes, oh daddy!)
10) Paolo

Deep Dish said...

Poor Sawyer doesn't even rank in your Top 10, Thom! That's harsh - but you're entitled to your opinion. :)