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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Saturday Night Fever: Cristiano Ronaldo

It's Saturday - and I have a fever caused by the gorgeous Cristiano Ronaldo, a 25-year-old Portuguese hunk who is the highest paid football player in the world. He's currently putting on his Armani Jeans in an amusing and hot video, and his mighty fine form was featured on the cover of Vanity Fair's June issue. Also, last month he hit 10 million fans on Facebook, making him the first non-US personality ever to achieve that kind of success on the social networking site. I think those are enough reasons to give him a post of his own, don't you?


Michael Rivers said...

Dang. I need to become more familiar with him!

Roger Mellie said...

Not as hot as Martin Laursen in my view, very under-rated.

It's usually David Beckham, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard who are lusted after here.

My favourite sportsman in 'that way', would have to be Stuart Broad, followed by Jonny Wilkinson.