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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Web Series Worth Watching: The Sexy Secrets of Robert J. Miller

Web Series of the Week: Secrets
I recently discovered the gay web series, Secrets, whose sudsy plots have been twisting and turning since 2009. Even with its low-budget look, this soap opera captured my attention with its over-the-top storylines and queer characters. And then while watching Episode 11, I became a loyal fan when the hunky Robert J. Miller appeared in only a towel (that's him in the pic). This actor/model, who plays former soap opera actor Logan Fairchild, is certainly worth tuning in for - especially if he continues to go shirtless. I've also enjoyed the performances of Secrets creator Damian Tracy as Donovan Kendall, a former soap opera writer who once had a scandalous affair with Logan; Matt Geyer as Marco Sabatino, who pretended to be dead for 10 years in order to save the man he loved; and Janine Furillo as Gina, Marco's rich bitch scenery-chewing sister who isn't too thrilled by his return. Secrets is silly fun with an occasional queer kiss and some prime beefcake on display, and today I will begin featuring it here on the Dish - you can check out Mr. Miller's first two episodes below. To watch the series from the very beginning, go to its website at or subscribe to its YouTube channel. You can also become a fan on Facebook.

Other web series worth watching this week are:

The Good Neighbor Minute
I was first introduced to the delightful Katina Corrao last year on Michael Cyril Creighton's web series, Jack In A Box, in which she played his kooky co-worker Suzie. Now Katina has her very own series, The Good Neighbor Minute, which features her sharing tips on how to be the best neighbor around. And if I was asked to describe it, I would say that Ms. Corrao has created one of the most awkwardly amusing web series that I've ever had the pleasure of watching. In the first two episodes below, she visits her dear friend, Mr. Creighton, and then surprises her neighbors, Ann and Warren, with an angel food cake. For more Katie, check out her website at or subscribe to her YouTube channel. You can also become a Good Neighbor fan on Facebook.

Stiller & Meara
The husband-and-wife comedy team (and the parents of actor Ben Stiller) discuss Bruce Jenner, the Kardashians, reality series judges and Piers Morgan in the most recent episodes of their hilarious Yahoo web series. To watch more of this delightful duo, click here.


becca said...

sounds interesting but then most soaps are and love the idea of web series eventhough i've never seen any

Anonymous said...

It also appears that Robert Miller has done some photoshoots and erotic videos for one of the best male videographers, Ron Lloyd, under the name of Guy Sterling.

Marc said...

And so he has. Thanks for the interesting info, Anonymous. I like him under both of his names! :)

Anonymous said...

EWWWWWWWW!! There are bears in this soap! Gross!!

Marc said...

Anonymous, I'm not sure if you're just being silly and sarcastic - or if you're really that shallow of a person. Hopefully the former.

suraj said...

can someone please put a link to the blog post that contains his full frontal images?

Anonymous said...

Please go to We Love Nudes blog. He has a plethora of photos there as Guy Sterling.