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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DVD Dish: You Should Meet My Son!

Writer and director Keith Hartman's first feature film, You Should Meet My Son!, is a light and fizzy concoction of La Cage aux Folles/The Birdcage and Auntie Mame with a little bit of Lainie Kazan in 2009's Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!! stirred in for some added flavor. But instead of Lainie or Rosalind Russell, actress Joanne McGee fills the central role as Mae Davis, a conservative mother from Birmingham, Alabama, who is horrified to discover that her 30-year-old son Brian is gay. After the initial shock wears off, she then embarks on a mission to find him a boyfriend, which leads her and her sister Rose to the online gay dating website, Manhunt, and, of course, a gay bar. Yes, we've seen this silly plot before, but in the capable hands of Hartman and his talented cast, it still provides some giggles and grins.

The wonderful McGee is a total delight as Mae, while Carol Goans is equally good as Rose. Together these two actresses make the movie worth seeing with performances that are both funny and believable. I also enjoyed Stewart Carrico as Brian, Brett Holland as Brian's "roommate" Dennis, Acquah Dansoh as drag queen Lady Fantasia Extravaganza, and the hunky Steve Snyder as go-go boy Chase.

Although it rarely steps back from its over-the-top comedy, You Should Meet My Son! does have a positive message of acceptance at its core. Mae just wants her child to be happy in whatever relationship he chooses, which is something that I never get tired of seeing portrayed on screen.

Click here to purchase a DVD of You Should Meet My Son!, which includes an audio commentary by McGee and Goans, gratuitous go-go boy footage, and an interview with portrait painter Bryan Trent Fair, who provides an amusing sight gag in the film. Below you can watch the movie's trailer and a interview with Keith Hartman. You can also become a Facebook fan of the film, and for further information, go to


Mark in DE said...

I saw this film and found it quite delightful. It may not be a new story but it was delivered in a fresh, new way. See it!!!

Marc said...

I agree, Mark! Thanks for your comment!