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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Deep Dish Dinner Party #19: Everybody Loves Elizabeth

The rules are quite simple - each week I feature 10 past/present celebrities and you get to invite (vote for) your three favorites to the Deep Dish Dinner Party. The five folks who receive the most votes get to stay, and the following week five new people (whose birthdays are during that week) are added to the guest list. So enjoy the party - and please feel free to leave a comment and share your selections.

1) Elizabeth Taylor
Week 2, 32 invites out of 175

2) Jake Gyllenhaal
LW #1, W11, 28 invites

3) Ellen DeGeneres
LW #3, W6, 23 invites

4) Ryan Reynolds
LW #2, W19, 20 invites

5) Stockard Channing
LW #4, W4, 18 invites

6) Javier Bardem
The actor turns 43 on March 1.

7) Jon Bon Jovi
The singer/actor turns 50 on March 2.

8) Karen Carpenter
The singer would have been 62 on March 2.

9) Daniel Craig
The actor turns 44 on March 2.

10) Catherine O'Hara
The actress turns 58 on March 4.


Lance said...

This week I'm inviting Dame Elizabeth (for the glamour), Ryan (for the beefcake) and, of course, the awesome Karen (we'll sing duets together)!

Marc said...

Sounds like a lovely party, Lance!