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Friday, February 24, 2012

Soap Dish: I'm loving Gays of our Lives

So 19-year-old Will Horton kissed a guy for the first time yesterday - and today (it was a very long smooch) - on the daytime soap opera, Days of our Lives, and all I can say is:

It's about time!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been patiently waiting for what seems like forever for young Will to finally act upon his conflicted sexual feelings. The show's first openly gay character, Sonny Kiriakis, has been around since last summer but, unfortunately, he was not the lucky recipient of his friend Will's pent-up desire. Instead Will got drunk while playing beer pong with another hot hunk named Neil (played by Jesse Kristofferson, the son of singer-songwriter Kris Kristofferson), whom he later locked lips with. It was a great gay kiss for daytime television - and Days deserves high praise for giving us such a well-written storyline about the emotional struggles of a young man dealing with his sexual identity. And 21-year-old Chandler Massey, who plays Will, has perfectly captured the fear and confusion of coming out of the closet. The character reminds me of myself many years ago when I went through almost the exact same experience while trying to accept my own homosexuality. The writers and Massey have so far gotten all the details right - but I never saw my mother having sex with her ex-husband.

I also want to mention the fabulous performance of Deidre Hall as Will's grandmother, Marlena, who was so understanding during his emotional confession scene today. Of course, it does help that she is the town shrink - and I have a feeling that her daughter, Sami, will not be as supportive when she hears the news that her son is gay. But Sami does have her own sordid life to deal with as her sexual encounter with her ex, EJ, was finally revealed to her current husband Rafe and EJ's wife Nicole. Of course, neither of them were too thrilled by this bombshell, but it did make for some delicious drama between the two couples with EJ's handsome face receiving pain from Rafe's fist and Nicole's slap. And I must say that EJ - as played by British actor James Scott - is one of the sexiest villains on television. His accent alone makes me all hot and bothered.

However, I'm not loving everything about Days these days. The recent surprise that John and Hope were married many years ago while brainwashed by EJ's evil father, Stefano, didn't do much for me - but when the show is focused on the adorable Will, the yummy EJ or yet another bitter confrontation between Marlena and Sami (who now blames her mother for turning Will against her), it is a delicious drama worth tuning in. And I will definitely be watching on Monday to see how Marlena reacts to Sami's angry accusation that she was the one who told Rafe about her and EJ. He actually overheard Will confiding this secret to Sonny - but it's these kind of misbegotten assumptions that make us soap opera fans giggle with delight.

Below you can watch Will's liplock with Neil and his emotional confession to Marlena.

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