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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dish of the Day #864: Spring Cleaning Week

Every Monday through Friday a new Dish of the Day is featured, and beginning on Friday you can vote for your favorite Dish of the week. If you haven't voted for last week's Dish yet, choose your man in the sidebar poll.

Today's Dish is Jason Taub photographed by Michael A. Downs.


Lance said...

Oh hey... I'd let him wash MY, um, uh, er... oh... car... yeah, that's it... (and other things as well!)

Anonymous said...

The same thing always happens to me when I wash my big red truck. I start getting all wet and soapy all over, and little by little I have to start removing all my wet clothes until I'm down to my tighty whities and well I then just wait for someone to come by and help me finish the job.

Marc said...

Thanks for sharing your personal story, Anonymous! :)

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