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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday of Groovy Tunes: Gloria Gaynor Will Survive

Each week I feature 10 groovy tunes that reached the Top 10 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart during the last 50+ years. You can vote for your three favorites, and the five with the most votes move on to the following week when five new songs will be added to the list.

Last week Roberta Flack claimed the top spot for the first time, receiving 21 votes out of the 153 cast. And this week she will be challenged by Olivia Newton-John, The Miracles and Gloria Gaynor.

1) "Killing Me Softly With His Song"/Roberta Flack (Last Week #3, Week 3) - #1 the week of March 10, 1973

2) "The Way We Were"/Barbra Streisand (LW #4, W6) - #3 the week of March 9, 1974

3) "Bridge Over Troubled Water"/Simon & Garfunkel (W2) - #1 the week of March 7, 1970

4) "Downtown"/Petula Clark (LW #1, W8) - #10 the week of March 6, 1965

5) "9 to 5"/Dolly Parton (LW #5, W3) - #2 the week of March 7, 1981

6) "Hey! Baby"/Bruce Channel (DEBUT) - #1 the week of March 10, 1962

7) "Love Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu)"/Paul Mauriat and His Orchestra (DEBUT) - #1 the week of March 9, 1968

8) "Have You Never Been Mellow"/Olivia Newton-John (DEBUT) - #1 the week of March 8, 1975

9) "Love Machine (Part 1)"/The Miracles (DEBUT) - #1 the week of March 6, 1976

10) "I Will Survive"/Gloria Gaynor (DEBUT) - #1 the week of March 10, 1979


Lance said...

There seems to be something wrong with the list this week, Marc. I don't seem to be able to vote for Karen & Richard! This is a tragedy of epic proportions... but I suppose I will survive (even if I didn't vote for Miss. Gaynor). Sigh...

So, in light of the current conditions, I guess I'll have to vote for Barbra, Roberta and Miss. Clark.

Marc said...

Sorry, Lance, last week the Carpenters finally left the Top 10 after 31 impressive weeks - but I'm sure we will see them again. Thanks for voting!