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Monday, April 16, 2012

Groovy Indie Films & Web Series: Joel Rush & Tyler Poelle in Love or Whatever

Since there are so many talented writers and directors with independent film and web series projects, I began this monthly feature to help promote a few of them and their current fundraising campaigns. Below are seven groovy new projects and six from last month's post (click on a title to go to their IndieGoGo or Kickstarter page).

Love or Whatever - The Movie
Directed by Rosser Goodman, this gay romantic comedy tells the story of Corey, who sets off on a wild journey of self-discovery after his boyfriend dumps him for a woman. The cast includes Tyler Poelle, Joel Rush, Jennifer Elise Cox and The Office's Kate Flannery.

Child of the '70s
Created by Michael Vaccaro, this new web series tells the story of Carlo Perdente, a struggling gay actor in New York who gets a job in LA as a personal assistant to his favorite '70s star. The cast includes Bruce Vilanch and Carole Ita White (who played "Big Rosie Greenbaum" on Laverne & Shirley) - and you just gotta love the series' Rhoda-inspired trailer.

Murder, She Sang
Written and directed by Mark Marchillo, this feature-length movie musical tells the tale of Janie, a runaway bride who returns to her hometown, where her life soon becomes a chaotic mess of first loves, mean girls from high school, and a murder mystery. And I think The Artist-inspired trailer for this project - featuring Marchillo and producer Matt Marr - is a lot of fun.

E Ticket Ride: The Movie
Written and directed by Steven Vasquez, E Ticket Ride is a fun, quirky LGBT romantic comedy about two best friends who must come to terms with their feelings for one another - and the young cast, which includes Will Branske and Quinn C. Jaxon, is very easy on the eyes.

Death To Prom
Directed by Matt Stenerson and Jeremy Wilker, this fabulous feature film tells the story of best friends Rene and Frankie who dream up high-fashion photo shoots while in high school, but a love triangle develops when they both fall for their class­mate Sasha, a shy soc­cer player.

Release of Going Down in LA-LA Land
You can help support this sexy romantic drama's upcoming theatrical release as well as its DVD/Blu-ray release by donating to its campaign, which only needs to raise $164 in the next 32 hours to achieve (and receive) its $25,000 goal. Directed by Casper Andreas, Going Down in LA-LA Land tells the story of a young actor who arrives in Los Angeles to become a star and soon finds himself "going down" in the gay porn industry (click here to read my review).

Husbands the Series Season 2
I featured the first season of this web series - the world's first marriage equality comedy - on DEEP DISH last year (click here to read my review). It tells the story of a flamboyantly out actor and his professional baseball player boyfriend, who wake up after a drunken Vegas weekend to discover that they are now legally married husbands.

Scrooge & Marley
Directed by Richard Knight, Jr. and Peter Neville, this modern-day gay version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol will feature David Pevsner as Scrooge and Tim Kazurinsky as Marley. Other actors attached to the project include Bruce Vilanch, David Moretti, Ronnie Kroell and JoJo Baby.

I Do
Directed by Glenn Gaylord and written by David W. Ross, this new indie feature film tells the story of Jack Edwards (played by Ross), a British gay man living in New York. After his brother gets killed in a car crash, Jack is left to raise his niece with his sister-in-law Mya (Alicia Witt). He soon marries his best friend Ali (The Sopranos' Jamie Lynn Sigler) for a green card in a desperate attempt to keep his family together - but after he falls in love with a man, Jack's marriage of convenience starts to crumble. Below you can watch the trailer as well as an interview with Ross, who was once a member of the UK boy band, Bad Boys Inc.

The Men Next Door
This new gay comedy from writer/director Rob Williams (Role/Play, Make the Yuletide Gay) and Guest House Films is about a 40-year-old gay man who finds himself dating two equally lovable men - a secure 50-year-old who came out later in life, and an adventurous 30-year-old who wasn't looking for a relationship. What he doesn't find out right away is that the two men are, in fact, father and son. And as they say, wackiness ensues.

Written and directed by Elliot London, this film is about Brad, a 16-year-old gay student who is bullied in high school. He starts to think of drastic ways out, but then a new kid named Rob moves into town and befriends him. What follows is a story of friendship, coming out, first love and heartbreak in a world that revolves around YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Directed by Sal Bardo, this film tells the story of Zachary Gold (Max Rhyser from the web series, In Between Men), a young high school teacher and the son of conservative immigrants who seeks solace in the gay bareback community.

Proper Manors
Created by Pietro D'Alessio and Jef Phillips, this online soap opera is a modern-day Peyton Place meets Dallas that tells the story of two best friends who together navigate the scandals and secrets of their small town, Proper.

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