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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Groovy Indie Films & Web Series: Help Fund Season 2 of Hustling

Since there are so many talented writers and directors with independent film and web series projects, I began this monthly feature to help promote a few of them and their current fundraising campaigns. Below are four groovy new projects and three from last month's post (click on a title to go to their IndieGoGo or Kickstarter page).

Hustling - Season 2
This sexy dramedy was one of my favorite new web series of 2011, and its creator and lead actor, Sebastian La Cause, was voted Best Actor in a Drama and Hottest Hunk in the First Annual Groovy Awards. The series is about Ryan Crosby who - at age 40 - finds it difficult to move on from his many years as an adult film star/escort. And now Mr. La Cause wants to continue Ryan's story with a second season of Hustling. To watch the first season, go to

Old Dogs & New Tricks - Season 2
I featured the first season of this comedic web series earlier this year - and now the "old dogs" are returning for a second season of "new tricks". The show is about four gay best friends in West Hollywood, each stumbling towards 50, and how they react (or overreact) and adjust (or not) to middle age in a youth-obsessed town and industry. Special guest stars in Season 2 will include Thom Bierdz (The Young and the Restless), Bruce L. Hart (Homewrecker), Doug Spearman (Noah's Arc), Ian Buchanan (The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital) and Terri Garber (who played Leslie Carrington on Dynasty). To watch the first season of Old Dogs & New Tricks, go to

The Trouble with Barry
Directed and co-written by Mike Justice, The Trouble with Barry is an old-school slasher film, a politically incorrect horror-comedy, and a kick-ass throwback to bitchin' VHS-era B-movie madness! It stars Peter Stickles (Shortbus) as Barry Montenegro, an embarrassingly unprofessional gay actor who gets a role on a zero-budget webseries called I Love the Nightlife, a shameless rip-off of Saturday Night Fever. And when someone begins to murder members of the cast and crew, all eyes turn to Barry. The movie also stars Lynn Lowry, Rena Riffel, Matthew Stephen Herrick, Steve Callahan and Matthew Montgomery.

Rocco Dared
Director Bob Christie takes us back in time with his new documentary about Pat Rocco, whom Playboy magazine once called the "King of the Nudies" - but he was much more than an erotic filmmaker. Rocco was an activist, artist and hopeless romantic - and in Rocco Dared, he reflects on his incredible life as one of Hollywood’s original boundary-pushing gay pioneers. Actor Charlie David will also appear in the film as a young Rocco.

Child of the '70s
Created by Michael Vaccaro, this new web series tells the story of Carlo Perdente, a struggling gay actor in New York who gets a job in LA as a personal assistant to his favorite '70s star. The cast includes Ann Walker (Sordid Lives), Bruce Vilanch, Geri Jewell (The Facts of Life), and Carole Ita White (who played "Big Rosie Greenbaum" on Laverne & Shirley) - and you just gotta love the series' Rhoda-inspired trailer.

Murder, She Sang
Written and directed by Mark Marchillo, this feature-length movie musical tells the tale of Janie, a runaway bride who returns to her hometown, where her life soon becomes a chaotic mess of first loves, mean girls from high school, and a murder mystery. And I think The Artist-inspired trailer for this project - featuring Marchillo and producer Matt Marr - is a lot of fun.

Written and directed by Elliot London, this film is about Brad, a 16-year-old gay student who is bullied in high school. He starts to think of drastic ways out, but then a new kid named Rob moves into town and befriends him. What follows is a story of friendship, coming out, first love and heartbreak in a world that revolves around YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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