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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Deep Dish Dinner Party #55: Whom are you inviting?

The rules are quite simple - each week I feature 10 past/present celebrities and you get to invite (vote for) your three favorites to the Deep Dish Dinner Party. The five folks who receive the most votes get to stay, and the following week five new people (whose birthdays are during that week) are added to the guest list. So enjoy the party - and please feel free to leave a comment and share your selections.

1) Matt Bomer
Last Week #1, Week 5, 51 invites out of 272

2) Anderson Cooper
LW #3, W24, 44 invites

3) Neil Patrick Harris
LW #4, W22, 43 invites

4) Madeline Kahn
LW #2, W7, 31 invites

5) Hillary Clinton
LW #5, W3, 24 invites

6) Whoopi Goldberg
The comedian and actress turns 57 on November 13.

7) Ryan Gosling
The actor turns 32 on November 12.

8) Grace Kelly
The actress and princess would have been 83 on November 12.

9) Megan Mullally
The actress turns 54 on November 12.

10) Parker Posey
The actress turns 44 on November 8.

1 comment:

Lance said...

What a fun week for a dinner party! I'm inviting Anderson (for the beefcake factor) and two very classy ladies: Hillary (hopefully she'll be our next President [#45]) and Princess Grace. A classy dinner party!

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