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Monday, November 26, 2012

Remembering The Bold and the Beautiful's Stephanie Forrester

During her 25 years as the matriarch of the daytime soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, Stephanie Forrester survived being shot, poisoned and almost drowned - but earlier today she died at age 75 from lung cancer. Her brilliant portrayer, actress Susan Flannery, decided to leave the show, and the beloved character received an emotional farewell episode as she passed away with her former nemesis Brooke by her side tearfully singing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling". Stephanie was one of the great daytime divas of all time, and she will be missed.

Below you can enjoy 10 memorable Stephanie scenes.

1) Stephanie wants Brooke's help when her mother Beth threatens Stephanie's marriage (1988).

2) Stephanie confronts a pregnant Brooke about her affair with her husband Eric (1990).

3) Sally Spectra falls into the pool during a heated confrontation with Stephanie (1992).

4) Stephanie threatens to take away Brooke's children if she doesn't stay away from Ridge and Taylor (1993).

5) Stephanie and Sheila have a catfight in the pool (1998).

6) Susan Flannery shares her favorite scene with Katherine Kelly Lang, in which Stephanie confronts Brooke over her involvement with Thorne (1999).

7) Stephanie tells Brooke that she is through with her since there are no more Forrester men for Brooke to marry (2001).

8) Stephanie pours a bottle of champagne over Brooke's head (2003).

9) Susan Flannery shares her favorite scene with Lesley-Anne Down, in which Stephanie accidentally pushes Jackie off a balcony (2006).

10) As Stephanie's condition worsens, Brooke chooses to stay with her to the end (2012).

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