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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Deep Dish Dinner Party #60: Whom are you inviting?

The rules are quite simple - each week I feature 10 past/present celebrities and you get to invite (vote for) your three favorites to the Deep Dish Dinner Party. The five folks who receive the most votes get to stay, and the following week five new people (whose birthdays are during that week) are added to the guest list. So enjoy the party - and please feel free to leave a comment and share your selections.

1) Bette Midler
Last Week #3, Week 3, 33 invites out of 210

2) Neil Patrick Harris
LW #1, W27, 30 invites

3) Matt Bomer
LW #5, W10, 28 invites

4) Anderson Cooper
LW #4, W29, 27 invites

5) Dame Judi Dench
W2, 23 invites

6) Josh Dallas
The actor turns 31 on December 18.

7) Patty Duke
The actress turns 66 on December 14.

8) NeNe Leakes
The television personality and actress turns 45 on December 13.

9) Wendie Malick
The actress turns 62 on December 13.

10) Brad Pitt
The actor turns 49 on December 18.


Lance said...

Oh look! It's a rose in between the beefcake! =) This week I'm inviting Anderson, Josh and Dame Judy.

joel65913 said...

As soon as I saw Patty Duke and Wendy Malick I thought they would be a wonderfully matched pair of dinner companions, from seeing them on different shows they seem to have a similar sense of humor and sensibility. To round things off I chose Brad Pitt since he comes across as a solid person and excessively easy on the eyes to boot.

Marc said...

Thanks for sharing your selections, guys!