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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dish of the Day #1052: The Photography of Michael Stokes

This week I'm featuring the work of photographer Michael Stokes, whose first book of images, Masculinity, was recently published by Bruno Gmünder (click here to purchase it on Amazon). You can see more of Michael's groovy pics at, and you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Today's Dish is Benjamin Godfre.

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Anonymous said...

I was just curious if there were any way you could appeal your "blogger content warning"? It's unbelieveably annoying and I don't know if it's my computer or not but when I return to google sometimes seems to take forever. The nudity on your site only really shows men's asses with the occasional mesh-underwear frontal. People see more in underwear catalogues and there are numerous sites (including many eblogger pages) that feature full-frontal and explicit stills of men having sex. Why are you saddled with this damned censorship tag and those aren't? Can you appeal this arbitrary ruling? Or is it just not worth it?

Tom G said...

Actually, along the lines of the previous comment, your site makes pretty considerable demands on the web browser. You must have a hell of a lot of javascript running in the background.

- each page takes a long time to load.
- if I open two or more pages from your blog, my browser (both Firefox and Google Chrome BTW) bogs down to a standstill.
- often some remnants of the background programs keep on running even after I've closed contact with your site.

No nerd, but knowledgable.

Marc said...

Anonymous, the Blogger Content Warning is annoying - but I think I'm stuck with it. Some offended reader flagged DEEP DISH a few years ago, which resulted in the warning. And although I do not feature full frontal nudity, I think the bare butts and the occasional gay kiss is enough to warrant this warning - according to Blogger. I also don't feel like rockin' the boat by complaining because then DEEP DISH might be shut down for good. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey, Tom G, I appreciate you letting me know about your difficulties in reading DEEP DISH. However, I use Firefox to write my blog, and I don't have any problems with pages taking a long time to load. But I am going to get rid of a few of the widgets I currently feature, so perhaps this might help a little. I'm no expert on JavaScript so if you have any helpful suggestions, let me know. Thanks!