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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Groovy Giveaway: Joe Zaso's Cafe Himbo Cookbook

Today's special Groovy Giveaway is a copy of Joe Zaso's Cafe Himbo Cookbook, in which the horror film actor/producer shares a few of his favorite recipes as well as some contributed by his cult movie celeb friends, including Catherine Mary Stewart (Night of the Comet, The Apple) and Rutanya Alda (Mommie Dearest, When a Stranger Calls). It's 102 pages of fun anecdotes, culinary magic and cult movie mayhem!

And here to tell you more about his book is Mr. Zaso himself (click here to read my 2010 Deeper Dish interview with him):

What inspired you to create your cookbook and web series, Cafe Himbo?
The inspiration for Cafe Himbo came to me in Winter 2011. I enjoy cooking and, due to the cold weather, I was more or less staying indoors. I was greatly inspired by The Crabby Cook Cookbook created by the lovely Jessica Harper. I decided to start my own cooking/recipe blog, which began on Facebook, and I gave it the name Cafe Himbo. My friend Brian Juergens (aka Buzz) - who helms the great website, - often calls me a "Horror Himbo" so that is where the name comes from. Before long, friends were advising me to maybe add some videos to the blog, and I got the idea to do a mini-cooking show with cult/horror movie genre people as guests. I happen to know a bunch of them as friends (such as Catherine Mary Stewart, Rutanya Alda, Desiree Gould, Lesleh Donaldson), so it was fun to create this experience. The show is taped at my home in the West Village, and it can be seen on Manhattan cable,, and YouTube under the name of Joe Zaso's Cafe Himbo [check out an episode below]. I always wanted to write a cookbook and so, voi-la! The celebs I know even contribute a recipe or two.

What are a few of your favorite recipes in the book?
Definitely Peanut Butter Candy (which is like combining a fresh Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and a fresh Butterfinger together), Pina Colada Milkshakes, Salpicao (a Brazilian salad which would go great on a wrap), and Warm Parmesan Artichoke Dip.

Do you have any special holiday recipes that you enjoy making every year?
I would often make English Trifle, but I seem be the only one who eats it (people seem turned off by Sherry in their dessert). Therefore, I rarely make it anymore, but I would if I had willing test-testers.

What's next for Joe Zaso? Any new films on the horizon?
I am supposed to be doing a spaghetti western biker movie in Arizona called The Fallen One - if that ever reaches fruition. Just worked behind-the-scenes on a great short horror film called Jack Attack.

To enter to win this Groovy Giveaway, email your name and address to Winners must have a US mailing address, and entries close at midnight on Sunday, December 16 (CST).

Click here to order a copy of Joe's cookbook. And for more information, visit Cafe Himbo on Facebook.

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