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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Web Series Worth Watching: Get Into The Outs

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Web Series of the Week: The Outs
One of 2012's best web series continues with its penultimate episode, "Significant Others", in which Mitchell tries to find a man for a friend, fights with Oona and receives some bad news. Meanwhile, Jack kisses Scruffy and gets some good news. And now we only have one more episode to enjoy in early 2013 - The Outs Chanukah Special. I do wish creator Adam Goldman would continue to entertain us with his wonderful characters, but I won't beg...very much.

If you haven't been watching this groovy gay series, you need to catch up right now at You can also become a fan on Facebook and Twitter.

Other web series worth watching this week are:

The Cavanaughs
In the latest episodes of this soap opera, Scott and Mark's romance hits the rocks, Charley reconciles with her parents, Jason DeVanity (guest star Michael Caruso) threatens to expose his old friend Rebecca, and someone gets stabbed during the hostage crisis. To catch up on The Cavanaughs, go to or subscribe to its YouTube channel. You can also follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.

Fumbling thru the Pieces
This delightful comedy series continues as Barb has a bad dream about Ellie and Shara receives a disturbing text about her favorite daytime soap. To watch Fumbling from the beginning, go to You can also follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.

In the latest episodes of this sexy dramedy, Ryan meets with his estranged mother, and Geoffrey (guest star Gerald McCullouch) becomes Mickey Rourke in 9½ Weeks in order to get a little closer to Ryan. To watch the first season of Hustling, go to or subscribe to its YouTube Channel. You can also follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.

Outside The Box
In the latest episode of this hilarious musical comedy series, Tony nominee Euan Morton (Taboo) receives an invitation to star in a new musical by the Outside the Box Musical Theatre Group. To watch the first season, visit You can also become a fan of the series on Facebook.

Steam Room Stories
In the latest episode, a couple of straight hunks discuss "the list" of things that set off a gay guy's gaydar. To watch more hot studs, go to You can also become a fan on Facebook and Twitter.

I've never been a big fan of the Western genre, but I did check out the web drama, Thurston, this week - and I really liked it. The series, which takes place in a remote mining town in the 1880's Kansas Ozarks, is centered around Maggie Callaway, an independent lady with a secret past. Actress Catherine Fields is great in the role, and I was also impressed with the drama's production values, which make you feel like you're back in the Old West. But what will keep me tuning in is the writing by creator Kathryn O'Sullivan, who knows how to tell a good story with interesting characters.

Below you can watch the first three episodes of Thurston's first season. And for more information on the series, go to You can also become a fan on Facebook.

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