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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Web Series Worth Watching: The Second Annual Groovy Awards

It's time for the Second Annual Groovy Awards honoring the best (or grooviest) web series and performances of 2012 as well as the hottest hunks (see above pics). My only rules for consideration are that a series had to have aired at least two episodes this year - and, of course, been featured as a Web Series Worth Watching.

Now it is up to the readers of DEEP DISH and the fans of the nominated series to select the winners by voting in the ballot below. Voting will end at midnight on Saturday, December 29, and the winners will be announced on Sunday, December 30 - along with the first series to be selected for The Groovy Web Series Hall of Fame.

So here are the nominees for the Second Annual Groovy Awards:

For more information on a Groovy Award-Nominated Web Series, click on a title in the list below.

Ave 43
The Bay/Darkside Of The Bay
The Cavanaughs
Fumbling thru the Pieces
Gay's Anatomy
Hunting Season
It Gets Betterish
Jack in a Box
Old Dogs & New Tricks
The Outs
Steam Room Stories
Submissions Only
Very Mary-Kate
Where the Bears Are


MrVaritek said...

Great list of nominations! Thouh I wish both Husbands and Ragged Isle were nominated, plus more nominations for Empire. When does voting end?

Marc said...

Thanks for your comment, Mr. Varitek. It was very difficult to narrow down my list of nominees to only five or six per category, and some worthy series - like Husbands, Ragged Isle and Empire - did not receive many or any nominations. Voting ends at midnight on December 29.

Karolina said...

You should check out the serious Broken At Love ( or Gorgeous cast including an abercrombie and fitch model among others!

Marc said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Karolina! I will have to check out that series.

Anonymous said...

Great nominees! Love Catherine Frells on "THURSTON"...she's so GROOVY!

Michael said...

Thank you so much for our nominations. This is such an amazing group of people to be surrounded by!

Anonymous said...

Great list of choices but I must say anacostea had an aaaaaaammaaaazing season this year