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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

31 Cold Days of Hot Guys #30: Andrew Cooper & Lucky Vanous

Today's Hot Guys are Andrew Cooper, the hunky star of Diet Coke's new 30th anniversary TV commercial, and Lucky Vanous, who appeared in the soft drink's memorable 1994 commercial. And a thank you to Greg In Hollywood for inspiring my selections today.


dmappin said...

Oh my... all of a sudden I am thirsty for a Diet Coke!

dmappin said...

Technically, the 30th anniversary of Diet Coke was August 9, 2012...but I wasn't paying much attention to the diet soda anyway... :-)

Marc said...

Hey, Doug, I changed the wording of my post to reflect that the new Diet Coke commercial is in honor of the soft drink's 30th anniversary - they're only about 6 months late.

Ian said...

ummm....I...ummmm...what was I saying.....oh yeah....LOL....Notice that he's not drinking the pop this time - they now market Coke Zero more for the men and Diet Coke for women....WTF am I talking about? I think the new guy is hotter than Lucky. Don't get me wrong - Lucky is hot, but I like my pop....younger...I need ice...