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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Deep Dish Dinner Party: The Top 10 Guests

After 62 Deep Dish Dinner Parties, I've decided that it's time for dinner to end - and the party will be moving outside beginning this Friday, January 11, with a brand new guest list. I hope that everyone will continue to enjoy voting for their favorites each week.

Here are the results of last week's party:

1) Anderson Cooper (42 invites out of 215)
2) Neil Patrick Harris (36 invites)
3) Bette Midler (29 invites)
4) Matt Bomer (26 invites)
5) Jake Gyllenhaal (22 invites)

And here are the Top 10 most popular guests from all 62 parties:

1) Ryan Reynolds
34 continuous weeks as a guest

2) Anderson Cooper
32 weeks

3) Neil Patrick Harris
30 weeks

4) Jake Gyllenhaal
20 weeks

5) Chris Evans
19 weeks

6) Meryl Streep
17 weeks

7) John Barrowman
16 weeks

8) Matt Bomer
13 weeks

9) Ryan Gosling
9 weeks

9) Bette Midler
9 weeks


Lance said...

As long as the party continues -- in some form -- I will be content to "play" along. This is one of my favourite features on Deep Dish... probably because it allows me to stretch my imagination and "enjoy" a bit of fantasy. Thanks, Marc.

Marc said...

I hope you like the brand new party, Lance.