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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Groove Tube #58: Downton Abbey's Thomas and Nashville's Deacon can kiss me anytime

Welcome to The Groove Tube, a weekly recap of the highlights (and lowlights) of some of the scripted TV shows I'm watching (in order of preference):

TV Series of the Week: Nashville
"I've Been Down That Road Before" (Episode 12/February 6, 2013)

Best Kiss of the Week: Deacon kissed Rayna in the elevator!

Worst Couple of the Week Runner-Up: Teddy slept with boring Peggy (I wouldn't mind seeing these two characters leave the show).

Best New Roommate of the Week: Gunnar moved in with Scarlett.

Worst Critic of the Week: The Chicago Tribune jerk who wrote a nasty Tweet about the new song that Juliette performed during her concert.

Best Fight of the Week: After Avery punched him, Gunnar beat him up.

Worst Surprise of the Week: Teddy showed up at Rayna's hotel room - and Deacon saw him.

Best Cliffhanger of the Week Honorable Mention: Teddy asked a surprised Rayna for a divorce (give him one, honey!).

Grade: A (great episode with lots of drama)

2) Dallas
"Sins of the Father" (Episode 13/February 4, 2013)

Hottest Hunk of the Week: 31-year-old Josh Henderson as John Ross (and I just learned that the actor has a condition called heterochromia, which means his eyes are two different colors - one is green and the other is blue).

Best Bitch and Best New Character of the Week: A scenery-chewing Judith Light as Harris Ryland's mother Judith.

Best Bitch on Wheels: Sue Ellen (according to Elena).

Best New Character of the Week Honorable Mention: 35-year-old Kuno Becker as Elena's big brother Drew.

Best Couple of the Week: John Ross and Rebecca, who spent the night together (you can definitely feel the heat between them).

Best Cliffhanger of the Week: Ann paid a visit to her ex-husband Ryland and shot him for kidnapping their daughter Emma years ago (I love being surprised by a plot twist - and I certainly wasn't expecting this).

Grade: A

3) Downton Abbey
Episodes 23 & 24/February 10, 2013

Best Reunion of the Week: Bates was FINALLY released from prison and reunited with Anna.

Hottest Hunk of the Week Runner-Up: A shirtless Jimmy!

Most Scandalous Kiss of the Week: Alfred walked in on Thomas kissing a sleeping Jimmy.

Best Bitch of the Week Runner-Up: O'Brien, of course, stirred the pot by urging Jimmy to report Thomas to the police for his homosexual behavior.

Most Annoying New Character of the Week: The Dowager Countess's 18-year-old great niece, Rose (I guess creator Julian Fellowes felt a need to replace the dearly departed Sybil).

Best New Job of the Week: Ethel was hired to write a weekly newspaper column.

Best Couple of the Week Runner-Up: Ethel and her married editor, Michael Gregson, whose wife has been in an asylum for many years.

Best Line Runner-Up: "Shock and disgust? My, my. I think I have to hear it now" - Mrs. Hughes to Thomas, who was afraid that he would shock and disgust her by telling her about the kiss.

Best Line: "Get back in the knife box, Miss Sharp" - O'Brien to Anna

Grade: A

4) Smash
"On Broadway" (Episode 16/February 5, 2013)
"The Fallout" (Episode 17/February 5, 2013)

Best Guest Star of the Week: Jennifer Hudson as the Tony Award-winning actress Veronica Moore.

Cutest New Character and Biggest Jerk of the Week: Waiter/aspiring songwriter Jimmy Collins (played by 28-year-old Jeremy Jordan) - too bad that he's such an asshole.

Best New Character of the Week Runner-Up: Jimmy's writing partner Kyle (played by Andy Mientus).

Best Cameo Appearance of the Week: The one and only Harvey Fierstein.

Best Break-Up of the Week: Julia and Frank's marriage quickly ended after she learned that he was seeing another woman (after she cheated on him last season). And the talents of Brian d'Arcy James were wasted in the boring and non-singing role.

Best New Roommate of the Week Honorable Mention: Julia moved in with Tom.

Most Amusing Intervention of the Week: Tom told Julia that it was time to retire the scarves that she wore last season (they never bothered me).

Best Musical Performance Runner-Up: Ivy's Bombshell number, "(They Just Keep) Moving the Line".

Best Musical Performance: Veronica's "Mama Makes Three".

Grade: B+ (it will be interesting to see how the series does in its second season with new showrunner Josh Safran, who replaced creator Theresa Rebeck. So far he has gotten rid of Julia's dull husband and Karen's ex Dev - who sent her a goodbye note - while Julia's son and Eileen's scheming former assistant Ellis are nowhere to be seen. Also, Tom's boyfriend Sam got cast in The Book of Mormon tour, and Ivy - of course - survived her pill overdose to become a much nicer person, which may not be a good thing. So we shall see, but the show's two-hour premiere only attracted an audience of 4.48 million, which is definitely not a good thing)

5) Revenge
"Union" (Episode 35/February 10, 2013)

Best Shave of the Week: I like my Jack without facial hair.

Worst Actress of the Week: Padma is a dull-as-dishwater character, but the one-note performance of Dilshad Vadsaria doesn't bring much excitement to the role.

Best Wedding of the Week: Jack and Amanda were married on the beach with Nolan officiating the ceremony.

Most Surprising Murder of the Week: Victoria shot and killed the evil Helen, who threatened Daniel's life.

Worst Couple of the Week: Aiden and Emily need to break up.

Best Cliffhanger of the Week Runner-Up: Jack and Amanda are unaware that Nate Ryan is joining them on their honeymoon boat trip.

Grade: B+ (weddings and murders always make good soapy drama)

6) The Walking Dead
"The Suicide King" (Episode 28/February 10, 2013)

Worst Exit of the Week: Daryl left with his brother Merle when Rick refused to bring Merle back to the prison.

Worst Breakdown of the Week: Poor Rick lost it in front of everyone when he saw an apparition of his dead wife Lori.

Grade: B (I'm happy that this series has finally returned, but this episode was good but not great)

7) Glee
"Diva" (Episode 79/February 7, 2013)

Most Boring "Diva-Off" of the Week: Rachel and Kurt's dull "duet" of "Bring Him Home" from Les Misérables, which he won.

Worst Unrequited Love of the Week: Tina's romantic feelings for Blaine (I felt sorry for her).

Best Musical Performance: I loved Blaine's Freddie Mercury-inspired rendition of Queen's 1979 song, "Don't Stop Me Now".

Best New Roommate of the Week Runner-Up: Santana unexpectedly showed up at Kurt and Rachel's apartment and announced that she is moving in with them (I love her!).

Most Surprising Kiss of the Week: Finn kissed Emma, who had a major meltdown while planning her upcoming wedding to Will.

Grade: C+ (except for Blaine's Queen song, I didn't care much for any of the music - but I liked the cliffhanging kiss between Finn and Emma)

8) Once Upon a Time
"Tiny" (Episode 35/February 10, 2013)

Least Favorite Return of the Week: A little bit of "Tiny" the Giant goes a long way, so I didn't need to see an entire episode about him.

Best Guest Star of the Week Runner-Up: I liked Cassidy Freeman as Prince James' lover Jacqueline (aka "Jack").

Grade: C+ (this episode seemed like needless filler as it took forever for Mr. Gold, Emma and Henry to board a plane to NYC - just get there already!)

9) Modern Family
"A Slight at the Opera" (Episode 86/February 6, 2013)

Best Guest Star of the Week Honorable Mention: It's always nice to see Nathan Lane as Cam and Mitchell's friend Pepper.

Grade: C (I fell asleep during this episode, which I obviously didn't find all that amusing)

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