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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Groove Tube #59: Downton Abbey's Allen Leech is the Hottest Hunk of 1921

Welcome to The Groove Tube, a weekly recap of the highlights (and lowlights) of some of the scripted TV shows I'm watching (in order of preference):

TV Series of the Week: Downton Abbey
Episode 25/February 17, 2013

Hottest Hunk of the Week: A shirtless Branson (played by Allen Leech).

Best Kiss of the Week Honorable Mention: I don't blame the new housemaid Edna for putting the moves on Branson - but her forwardness did lead to her being fired.

Best Couple of the Week: Ethel and her married editor, Michael.

Best Non-Couple of the Week: Isobel Crawley and Dr. Clarkson (I hope they get together next season).

Sweetest Scene of the Week: Carson taking care of Branson's tearful daughter.

Least Favorite Character of the Week: The annoying Lady Rose will be living at Downton Abbey next season.

Best Friends of the Week: After Thomas was beat up while saving Jimmy from being robbed, the two men finally agreed to be friends.

Best New Character of the Week: Mary gave birth to her and Matthew's son.

Saddest Death of the Week Runner-Up: After meeting his newborn son, poor Matthew was killed in a car accident (and actor Dan Stevens is an idiot for leaving the show).

Grade: A

Overall Season Grade: A- (it was a pretty good season except for the dragging prison storyline of Bates, which went on far too long - and, of course, it was sad to see Sybil and Matthew leave the series)

SPOILERS (written on 3/20/13): Season 4 will begin six months after Matthew's death, and actress Siobhan Finneran will not be returning as O'Brien (I will miss her character). New cast members will include Tom Cullen as Lord Anthony Gillingham, an old Crawley family friend and a potential new love interest for the widowed Mary, and Julian Ovenden as aristocrat Charles Blake. And Shirley MacLaine will be back as Cora's mother.

2) Glee
"I Do" (Episode 80/February 14, 2013)

Best Return of the Week: Will Schuester returned to the glee club - and to marry Emma.

Best Flower Girl of the Week: Becky Jackson

Best Musical Performance Runner-Up and Best Choreography: I loved the groovy Gladys Knight & the Pips moves during Jake and Marley's duet of the 1968 Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell tune, "You're All I Need to Get By".

Best Musical Performance: Emma's amusing rendition of "Getting Married Today" from the Sondheim musical, Company.

Most Surprising Plot Twist of the Week: I wasn't expecting Emma to become a runaway bride and leave poor Will standing at the altar.

Most Unexpected Sex of the Week: Quinn experimented twice with Santana - but she still prefers boys.

Best Nickname of the Week: Tina called herself "Hagatha Christie" because of her crush on Blaine.

Best Kiss of the Week: Marley and Ryder - I like them together.

Best Cliffhanger of the Week: Rachel took a pregnancy test after sleeping with Finn.

Grade: A (a great mixture of drama, comedy, music and a few surprises)

3) Modern Family
"Heart Broken" (Episode 87/February 13, 2013)

Best Pet of the Week: Cam and Mitchell's white cat Larry, who was dyed pink during their wild Valentine's Day party.

Best Return of the Week Honorable Mention #1: Phil and Claire's amusing alter egos, Clive Bixby and Juliana.

Grade: A (all three separate stories were funny)

4) Once Upon a Time
"Manhattan" (Episode 36/February 17, 2013)

Best Makeover of the Week: Cora with her modern clothes.

Best Return of the Week Runner-Up: Michael Raymond-James as Neal Cassidy, Henry's father.

Best Surprise of the Week: Neal is Rumplestiltskin/Gold's long-lost son Baelfire.

Grade: A

5) The Walking Dead
"Home" (Episode 29/February 17, 2013)

Most Surprising Death of the Week: While chatting outside with Carol, Axel was fatally shot in the head by the Governor.

Best Return of the Week Honorable Mention #2: Daryl and Merle returned to the prison just in time to save Rick's life from some walkers.

Grade: A

6) Nashville
"There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight" (Episode 13/February 13, 2013)

Best Return of the Week Honorable Mention #3: Gunnar's fugitive brother Jason, who wanted a second chance.

Best Kiss of the Week Runner-Up: Rayna and Liam (I like them together - but she, of course, belongs with Deacon)

Grade: A

7) Revenge
"Sacrifice" (Episode 36/February 17, 2013)

Worst Candidate for Governor: Conrad Grayson - I wouldn't vote for him. Now if Victoria was running...

Worst Special Effects of the Week: It was an obvious fake background when Emily was driving a boat in the ocean.

Worst New Character of the Week: We finally get rid of Helen, but now there is a new Initiative guy - Trask.

Dumbest Decision of the Week: Amanda went back to get the necklace that Emily once gave her, which led to her being fatally injured in the boat explosion.

Saddest Death of the Week: Poor Amanda - I liked her character (too bad Aiden and Padma were not on the boat).

Grade: B+ (a good dramatic episode)

8) Dallas
"False Confessions" (Episode 14/February 11, 2013)

Best Husband of the Week: To protect his guilty wife, Bobby confessed to shooting her evil ex, Ryland.

Best Guest Star of the Week: It's always nice to see Ken Kercheval as Cliff Barnes.

Best Psycho Mother of the Week: Ryland's mother Judith

Most Surprising Death of the Week Runner-Up: After his boss Cliff framed him for Tommy Sutter's murder, Frank committed suicide by swallowing a lethal pill while being arraigned.

Grade: B

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