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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Groove Tube #60: Hot for Peter Porte (The New Normal's hunky principal)

Welcome to The Groove Tube, a weekly recap of the highlights (and lowlights) of some of the scripted TV shows I'm watching (in order of preference):

TV Series of the Week: Modern Family
"Bad Hair Day" (Episode 88/February 20, 2013)

Best Guest Star of the Week: Maxwell Caulfield as Claire's college professor (and old boyfriend), Professor Cooke, whom she was reunited with during her college reunion.

Best Hollywood Starlet of the Week: Lily, whom Cam dressed up as various movie stars for an Oscar party photo shoot.

Best Singer of the Week: Manny, who sang "That's Life".

Grade: A (another great episode, in which all three storylines were funny)

2) The New Normal
"Dog Children" (Episode 16/February 19, 2013)

Hottest Hunk of the Week: 27-year-old Peter Porte as Shania's assistant school principal Mr. Rodriguez, who performed a striptease in Goldie's fantasy.

Best Impersonation of the Week: Shania as Maggie Smith's character Violet Crawley on Downton Abbey.

Saddest Death and Worst Vet of the Week: David and Bryan's dog Harvey Milkbone was hit by a car while the vet was taking him for a walk (I don't think vets usually walk dogs, do they? And I definitely wouldn't ever go back to one who accidentally killed my pet).

Grade: B+ (a good but sad episode)

3) Parks and Recreation
"Leslie and Ben" (Episode 82/February 21, 2013)

Best Wedding of the Week: Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt finally got hitched.

Best Return of the Week: Ethel Beavers (played by 82-year-old Helen Slayton-Hughes), whom Leslie and Ben woke up to get her to sign their marriage license.

Best Singer of the Week Runner-Up: Donna!

Grade: B

4) Dallas
"Trial and Error" (Episode 15/February 18, 2013)

Best Time Jump of the Week: After Ann confessed to shooting Ryland, the story jumped ahead a month to her trial.

Worst Return of the Week: Vicente Cano, the corrupt Venezuelan businessman who was arrested last season.

Worst Verdict of the Week: Poor Ann was found guilty of attempted murder (the bastard deserved to be shot).

Grade: B

5) The Walking Dead
"I Ain't a Judas" (Episode 30/February 24, 2013)

Worst Decision of the Week: Andrea was unable to kill The Governor as he slept (but since I like his evil character, I'm glad he's still with us).

Grade: B (this episode wasn't that exciting)

6) Smash
"The Dramaturg" (Episode 18/February 19, 2013)

Hottest Hunk Runner-Up and Best New Character of the Week: Daniel Sunjata as dramaturg Peter Gillman, whom Eileen hired to reshape Bombshell's book.

Hottest Hunk of the Week Honorable Mention: Julian Ovenden as an actor named Simon who - as JFK - sang "Our Little Secret" to Karen's Marilyn in Bombshell (I didn't care for the song, but he is handsome).

Most Unlikable Character of the Week: Jimmy has a big, annoying chip on his shoulder.

Grade: C+ (not a great episode)

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