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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Groovy Giveaway: Drake Jensen's new album, OUTlaw

Courtesy of The Karpel Group, this week's Groovy Giveaway is three copies of OUTlaw, the brand new album from out country artist Drake Jensen featuring the hit lead single, "When It Hurts Like That" (which you can listen to below).

Born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, Drake Jensen is a unique figure in the world of country music: a voice for the LGBT community who speaks through his music. Gaining fans who are rediscovering the genre and can now feel included in it, he touches the heart and soul of listeners through his rich, warm voice that tells not only the stories, but conveys deep, sincere emotions. Drake is leading the way, not unlike his idol Garth Brooks, by bringing LGBT fans back to listening to country music.

OUTlaw will be available on March 12. To listen to more of Drake's music, go to You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

To enter to win this Groovy Giveaway, email your name and address to Winners must have a US mailing address, and entries close at midnight on Monday, March 11 (CST).

1 comment:

discodevil said...

Love ya Drake, but please lay off your eyebrows they are just tweezed a little bit to much.