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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday of Groovy Tunes: Cher laughed and danced and lit the candles one by one

Each week I feature 10 groovy tunes that have appeared on Billboard's Hot 100 chart during the last 50+ years. You can vote for your three favorites, and the five with the most votes move on to the following week when five new songs will be added to the list.

Last week Patsy Cline reclaimed the top spot with "Crazy", which received 29 votes out of the 186 cast. And this week she will be challenged by Donna Summer, Eurythmics and Cher.

PLEASE NOTE: The next new Top 10 will be on Tuesday, April 2.

1) "Crazy"/Patsy Cline (Last Week #2, Week 15) - 21 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 chart in 1961-62

2) "For All We Know"/Carpenters (W2) - #5 the week of March 20, 1971

3) "Last Dance"/Donna Summer (LW #5, W34) - 21 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 chart in 1978

4) "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"/Cyndi Lauper (LW #1, W3) - #3 the week of March 24, 1984

5) "Where the Boys Are"/Connie Francis (W2) - #4 the week of March 25, 1961

6) "King of the Road"/Roger Miller (DEBUT) - #4 the week of March 20, 1965

7) "Homeward Bound"/Simon & Garfunkel (DEBUT) - #8 the week of March 19, 1966

8) "Dark Lady"/Cher (DEBUT) - #1 the week of March 23, 1974

9) "On the Radio"/Donna Summer (DEBUT) - #6 the week of March 22, 1980

10) "Here Comes the Rain Again"/Eurythmics (DEBUT) - #5 the week of March 24, 1984


Lance said...

Well, this week wasn't as hard to decide as last week... but there were still a number of really good songs to pick from. I finally decided on: Miss. Cline; Miss. Francis; and (of course) Karen & Richard.

Have a groovy week, Marc! HAPPY SPRING!!!!

Marc said...

And a Happy Spring to you, too, Lance! Also, FYI, there will not be a Top 10 next week (I will be on vacation), but there will be a Dish of the Day (which is much easier to schedule in advance).