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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Groove Tube #66: Jeremy Jordan gets Smashed every Saturday night

Welcome to The Groove Tube, a weekly recap of the highlights (and lowlights) of some of the scripted TV shows I'm watching (in order of preference):

TV Series of the Week: Bates Motel
"What's Wrong With Norman" (Episode 3/April 1, 2013)

Hottest Hunk of the Week: Mike Vogel as Deputy Zack Shelby, who took Keith's belt from under Norman's bed while searching the house.

Best Surprise of the Week: While searching Shelby's house for the incriminating belt, Norman discovered an Asian girl locked in his basement.

Best Cliffhanger of the Week: Shelby arrived home just as Norman found the girl!

Grade: A

2) Nashville
"I Saw the Light" (Episode 16/April 3, 2013)

Cutest New Character of the Week: 32-year-old Chris Carmack (The O.C.) as Will, Scarlett and Gunnar's new upstairs neighbor.

Most Amusing Moment: When Juliette was upset to see Rayna's billboard outside her NYC hotel room.

Best Sex of the Week: Juliette slept with her mother's sexy therapist Dante (played by Jay Hernandez).

Best Musical Performance: Rayna's daughters, Maddie and Daphne, sang "Ho Hey".

Just Desserts of the Week: After quitting his record deal, Avery had to become a roadie.

Best Couple of the Week: Gunnar and Scarlett confessed their love for one another.

Best Cliffhanger of the Week Runner-Up: Rayna's father Lamar suffered a heart attack.

Grade: A

3) Mr Selfridge
Episode 3/April 7, 2013)

Hottest Hunk of the Week Runner-Up: A shirtless Jeremy Piven, who looks mighty fine for 47.

Worst Father of the Week Runner-Up: Agnes' drunken father Reg hit her.

Grade: A

4) The New Normal
"Finding Name-O" (Episode 21/April 2, 2013)
"The Big Day" (Episode 22/April 2, 2013)

We Like to Make Passes at Cute Guys in Glasses: David!

Grooviest Guest Star of the Week Runner-Up: The fabulous Jackie Hoffman returned as David's mother, Frances.

Best Return of the Week: Ellen Barkin as Jane, who thanked Goldie for changing her life.

Best Cliffhanger of the Week Honorable Mention: Carl wanted Goldie to remarry him - but in the finale she turned him down.

Best Birth of the Week: Goldie gave birth to Bryan and David's son, Sawyer.

Best Retro Song of the Week: John Lennon's 1980 tune, "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)", which played during the birth of Bryan and David's son.

Best Wedding of the Week: Bryan and David were married on the beach.

Best Line Runner-Up: “Oh no, honey, that's a picture of Meg Ryan - before whatever the hell
happened there” - Bryan about the photo on his bedside table

Best Line: "If you weren't my son and gay, I'd eat you with hot sauce" - Frances to David

Grade for "Finding Name-O": B
Grade for "The Big Day": A+

Overall Season Grade: B+ (yes, the show was often quite preachy, and Ellen Barkin's character was a racist homophobe early on - but she did slowly evolve into a much better person by the season finale. I found the series to be quite amusing - especially Shania's hilarious impersonations of Little Edie, Maggie Smith and Cher - and young Bebe Wood deserves an Emmy nomination. Also, I've enjoyed watching the gorgeous Justin Bartha every week, and he and Andrew Rannells made a wonderful couple. But sadly the show's ratings have never been great, so I don't expect NBC will renew it for a second season. And this is a shame because The New Normal gave us another "modern family" that I'm glad I got to know)

5) Smash
"The Parents" (Episode 24/April 2, 2013)
"The Surprise Party" (Episode 25/April 6, 2013)

Grooviest Guest Star of the Week: Tom arranged for Liza Minnelli to surprise Ivy on her birthday.

Grooviest Guest Star of the Week Honorable Mention #1: Bernadette Peters returned as Ivy's mother Leigh, who joined the cast of Bombshell as Marilyn's mother Gladys.

Loser of the Week: Derek caught Jimmy stealing from patrons in the coat check during the fundraiser (but actor Jeremy Jordan is still a cutie - that's him in the above pics from the Men of Rock of Ages 2010 calendar).

Most Awkward Scene of the Week: Tom realized he was not invited to Ivy's birthday party at a bar when he returned her keys to her.

Best Musical Number Runner-Up: Ana's impressive performance of "Reach For Me" at the Manhattan Theater Project fundraiser.

Best Musical Number: Liza sang "A Love Letter From the Times", which Tom wrote for Ivy.

Grade for "The Parents": B+
Grade for "The Surprise Party": B

6) Dallas
"Let Me In" (Episode 21/April 1, 2013)

Worst Father of the Week: When Emma refused to stop seeing Drew, Ryland had the young man beaten up and then showed her.

Grade: B (I'm still depressed - along with Pamela and Christopher - about the death of their twins)

7) Mad Men
"The Doorway" (Episodes 66-67/April 7, 2013)

Cutest New Character of the Week Runner-Up: Bob Benson (played by James Wolk), an ambitious young man who works in accounts at the agency (he reminds me of a young Don Draper).

Best Retro Reference of the Week: Phyllis Diller was the guest host of The Tonight Show on December 22, 1967.

Best Retro TV Show of the Week: Don watched a rerun of The Donna Reed Show.

Worst Behavior of the Week: A drunken Don threw up during Roger's mother's funeral.

Worst New Look of the Week: Betty became a brunette (I prefer her as a blonde).

Worst Couple of the Week: Don and Sylvia (the wife of his friend and neighbor).

Grade: B (it's always a pleasure to see Don and the rest of the gang, but I didn't find the two-hour season premiere all that compelling. However, a new season of Mad Men usually begins kind of slow before picking up steam, so I expect this to happen once again)

8) Modern Family
"The Future Dunphys" (Episode 91/April 3, 2013)

Grooviest Guest Star of the Week Honorable Mention #2: Family Ties' Justine Bateman as a hospital patient's daughter.

Grade: B (I thought Lily announcing that she was gay was amusing, but the rest of the episode was just okay)

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