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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Web Series Worth Watching: Charlie Williams in the new comedy series, Wallflowers

Web Series of the Week: Wallflowers
Written and directed by Kieran Turner, this new comedy series is about four "hopelessly single" friends - Bryce, Daisy, Martin and Victoria - who all belong to a dating support group. The group scenes are okay, but I'm enjoying the non-group ones a lot more - at least in the first two episodes. I like Bryce (played by Chad Kimball), a gay casting agent and former child star, and guest star Gideon Glick - as Todd, a temp at Bryce's agency - is also very good. But I must confess that I'll watch anything starring the adorable Charlie Williams, who shows up in Episode 2 as Todd's boyfriend Troy. So far Wallflowers is an amusing show with some nice performances, and I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next.

To learn more about the series, go to You can also become a fan on Facebook and Twitter.

Other web series worth watching this week are:

Old Dogs & New Tricks
In the latest episode of this groovy gay series, Nathan meets a man from Damian's past (played by Michael Kearns), while Brad announces a radical lifestyle change. To catch up on Old Dogs & New Tricks, go to or subscribe to its YouTube channel. You can also follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.

Steam Room Stories
In the latest episode, the boys discuss premature ejaculation. For more hot hunks, go to You can also become a fan on Facebook and Twitter.

The 3 Bits
This "queer show about sex, love, booze, drugs, friendship, family and amazing acts of stupidity - but mostly sex" continues as Henry Bits and his best friend Grant each go on interesting first dates. To catch up on The 3 Bits, visit You can also become a fan of the series on Facebook.

Very Mary-Kate
In the latest episode of this comedy series about the self-absorbed former Full House actress, Mary-Kate has a "bad connection" with Bodyguard. To experience Very Mary-Kate from the very beginning, go to You can also become a fan on Facebook and Twitter.

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dmappin said...

He definitely has that boy next door charm. Um, what's his address?