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Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013's Dish of the Year: Chris Bailey

Australian model Chris Bailey was your favorite Dish of the Day this year. Below I've also included the next eight most popular Dishes and the number of weeks they stayed at the Deep Dish Pool Party in 2013.

1) Dish #1104: Chris Bailey
20 weeks

2) Dish #1094: Arnaud Dehaynin
18 weeks

3) Dish #1230: Bren Foster
16 weeks

4) Dish #1227: Marco Dapper
10 weeks

5) Dish #1266: Steve Grand
9 weeks

5) Dish #1198
9 weeks

6) Dish #1243: Bo Roberts
8 weeks

7) Dish #1191: Julian Gabriel Hernandez
7 weeks

7) Dish #1085: Ben Pamies
7 weeks


dmappin said...

I am such a perv sometimes. Here I am wishing his tightie whities were wet.

Marc said...

You're not alone in your wish, Doug!