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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Battle of the Network Stars #24: 1948-56 TV Seasons

ABC won the 23rd Battle of the Network Stars, and the following stars will be moving on to Round 2:

Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman/ABC)
Donny & Marie Osmond (Donny & Marie/ABC)
Cindy Williams (Laverne & Shirley/ABC)
Peter Strauss (Rich Man, Poor Man/ABC)
Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky & Hutch/ABC)
David Soul (Starsky & Hutch/ABC)
John Travolta (Welcome Back, Kotter/ABC)
Valerie Bertinelli (One Day at a Time/CBS)
Bonnie Franklin (One Day at a Time/CBS)
Pat Harrington (One Day at a Time/CBS)
Mackenzie Phillips (One Day at a Time/CBS)
Cloris Leachman (Phyllis/CBS)
Dan Aykroyd (NBC's Saturday Night)
Chevy Chase (NBC's Saturday Night)
Jane Curtin (NBC's Saturday Night)
Gilda Radner (NBC's Saturday Night)

Now on to our 24th battle, which takes us back to the 1948-56 TV seasons when we welcomed the following 33 stars into our homes:


Lance said...

Gosh there is nothing like a good old stroll down "memory lane"! Remember when the TV used to be a big ole' piece of furniture with a little 12" square (black & white) screen at the center top? It took about 3 minutes for it to warm up so the picture could be seen! Oh yeah... =)

luvstoread said...

My vote is for Clint Walker. You have to see him shirtless in Night of the Grizzly. It's a crappy movie, but he's such a fine man!

Marc said...

Hey, luvstoread, I just watched some shirtless scenes from Night of the Grizzly on YouTube - and Mr. Walker is very fine in that film. Thanks for the recommendation!