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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Remembering David Brenner 1936 - 2014

Comedian David Brenner, who died earlier today at age 78, held the record for the most appearances (158) as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. He was also a frequent guest host on the show before he got the chance to host his own syndicated talk show, Nightlife, in 1986-87. Another of Brenner's television credits - the 1976 sitcom, Snip - was inspired by the 1975 Warren Beatty film, Shampoo, and it featured him as a divorced hairdresser who worked at a salon owned by his ex-wife (played by the lovely Lesley Ann Warren). Unfortunately, NBC abruptly canceled the series before it ever aired because the network got cold feet about one of the show's supporting characters - an openly gay hairdresser named Michael. Seven episodes were filmed, but Snip was only seen in Australia.

Below you can watch David Brenner in a 1976 interview with Tom Snyder, as Joan Rivers' surprise guest on The Tonight Show, and on Nightlife with his guests Dolly Parton and Susan Lucci.

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