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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Groovy Movie Preview: More Scenes from a Gay Marriage

Director Matt Riddlehoover has released the trailer of his new film, More Scenes from a Gay Marriage, a sequel to 2012's Scenes from a Gay Marriage that continues the story two years later.

Darren's ex has made a gay-themed film (starring Charlie David) about how Darren (Riddlehoover) and Joe (Jared Allman) met and fell in love. As a result of the film's success, Darren and Joe begin to question whether their domestic partnership is as exciting or romantic as what led up to it. Thashana McQuiston reprises her role as Luce, Darren's sharp-tongued gal pal, and Rodiney Santiago co-stars as a sexy masseur who rubs Darren the wrong way.

Visit the film's official site at for release information and exclusive content. Below you can check out the trailer as well as a few pics from the film (click for larger versions).


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