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Friday, December 26, 2014

2014's Dish of the Year: Connor Moxam

Model Connor Moxam was your favorite Dish of the Day this year. Below I've also included the next seven most popular Dishes and the number of weeks they stayed at the Deep Dish Pool Party in 2014.

1) Dish #1352: Connor Moxam
39 weeks

2) Dish #1288: Ben Cohen (who was 2008's Dish of the Year)
21 weeks

3) Dish #1391: Arnaud Dehaynin
18 weeks

4) Dish #531: Matt (who was 2010's Dish of the Year)
16 weeks

5) Dish #210: David Williams (who was 2009's Dish of the Year)
13 weeks

6) Dish #1315: Anthony Greenfield
11 weeks

6) Dish #1387
11 weeks

7) Dish #1502: Justin Leonard
10 weeks

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