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Monday, March 2, 2015

Battle of the Network Stars #86: 1965-69 TV Seasons, Round 3

Before we get to today's battle, I just want to announce that DEEP DISH now has its own groovy domain name - (since was already taken, I added the "76" like Match Game did back in the 1970s). I think it's easier to remember - and a lot more catchy - than

The following stars from the 85th Battle of the Network Stars will be moving on to Round 4:

Jean Stapleton (All in the Family/CBS)
Bob Newhart (The Bob Newhart Show/CBS)
Marcia Wallace (The Bob Newhart Show/CBS)
Edward Asner (The Mary Tyler Moore Show/CBS)
Valerie Harper (The Mary Tyler Moore Show/CBS)
Ted Knight (The Mary Tyler Moore Show/CBS)
Mary Tyler Moore (The Mary Tyler Moore Show/CBS)
Bea Arthur (Maude/CBS)
Rue McClanahan (Maude/CBS)
Cher (The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour/CBS)
Robert Reed (The Brady Bunch/ABC)
James Brolin (Marcus Welby, M.D./ABC)
David Cassidy (The Partridge Family/ABC)
Michael Ontkean (The Rookies/ABC)
Rock Hudson (McMillan & Wife/NBC)
Susan Saint James (McMillan & Wife/NBC)

Now on to our 86th battle, which takes us back to the 1965-69 TV seasons when we welcomed the following 32 stars into our homes:


Lance said...

Well,I don't know who the first voter was, but we only disagreed on THREE of these. The rest were 100% across the board!

CONGRATULATIONS on your new domain name, Sir Marc! I totally agree, deepdish76 is a groovy name!

Marc Harshbarger said...

Thanks for voting, Lance - and I'm glad you like the new domain name!