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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Top Ten David Letterman Moments of 1982

In honor of David Letterman's final Late Show on May 20 - and to celebrate his 33 years as the longest-serving late night talk show host in TV history - I thought it would be fun to feature a series of Top Ten Lists of some of his most memorable moments. Click here to see previous Top Ten Lists - and now let's look back at 1982 (in chronological order):

1) NBC's Late Night with David Letterman begins on February 1, 1982, with guests Bill Murray and Don Herbert (aka "Mr. Wizard").

2) The fourth episode of Late Night on February 4, 1982, with guests John Candy and Joe Flaherty and the first installment of Stupid Pet Tricks.

3) On April 15, 1982, audience member Clara McAllister wins Late Night's first Elevator Race.

4) On June 22, 1982, Harrison Ford makes his first guest appearance on Late Show to promote his new film, Blade Runner.

5) On July 8, 1982, it's "Win a Date With Former Monkee Peter Tork Night."

6) On July 28, 1982, comedian Andy Kaufman and wrestler Jerry Lawler get in a fight during their chat with Dave (it is later revealed to have been staged). The video is an uncensored version.

7) Pee-wee Herman makes his first appearance on Late Night on September 22, 1982.

8) Teri Garr is Dave's guest on November 3, 1982.

9) On November 17, 1982, soap opera actor Alec Baldwin gets two audience members to spy on his set and find out why The Doctors is being canceled. Also, Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Andy Kaufman are guests.

10) Nastassja Kinski is Dave's guest on December 29, 1982.


joel65913 said...

I don't watch Dave as regularly as I once did but I'll miss him. I could never stand Leno but Letterman always had a loose goofy charm.

Marc Harshbarger said...

Joel, I agree with you - I never watched Leno, but I've always enjoyed Letterman.