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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Top Ten David Letterman Moments of 2000-07

In honor of David Letterman's final Late Show last night - and to celebrate his 33 years as the longest-serving late night talk show host in TV history - I thought it would be fun to feature a series of Top Ten Lists of some of his most memorable moments. Click here to see previous Top Ten Lists - and now let's look back at 2000-07 (in chronological order):

1) On February 21, 2000, Robin Williams visits Dave, who returns to the Late Show after his quintuple-bypass surgery.

2) Paul Shaffer asks Julia Roberts if she's getting laid on July 10, 2001.

3) Nicole Kidman is Dave's guest on August 2, 2001.

4) Madonna is Dave's guest on November 11, 2003.

5) During Dave's special taped-in-the-middle-of-the-night episode on May 14, 2004, Amy Sedaris gives a walking tour of her West Village neighborhood.

6) Nicole Kidman is Dave's guest on June 13, 2005.

7) Dave and Madonna ride horses on October 20, 2005.

8) Oprah Winfrey is Dave's guest on December 1, 2005, and he escorts her to the premiere of the Broadway musical, The Color Purple.

9) In his first Late Show appearance in six years, Richard Simmons introduces a food steamer he invented (which blows up in his face) on November 29, 2006.

10) Dave asks Paris Hilton many questions about her stint in jail on September 28, 2007.

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