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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Remembering Jim Bailey 1938 - 2015

Singer, actor and female impersonator Jim Bailey, who died Saturday at age 77, began performing as Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Peggy Lee and Phyllis Diller in the late 1960s. And he vocally mimicked them with his own operatically trained voice. Bailey appeared on concert stages all over the world, including Las Vegas and New York's Carnegie Hall, and he performed for the British Royal Family and four U.S. Presidents.

Below I've selected some of his many television appearances to celebrate his life and career.

He was a guest on The Carol Burnett Show on February 1, 1971.

He impersonated Phyllis Diller and performed "Fever" (as himself) with Lucie Arnaz on Here's Lucy on November 6, 1972.

He was the Mystery Guest on What's My Line? on August 9, 1973.

He played himself in a two-part episode of Switch on November 23 and 30, 1976.

He performed as Barbra with Vicki Lawrence and Minnie Pearl on the live CBS special, Super Night at the Super Bowl, on January 14, 1978, at the New Orleans Theater of the Performing Arts.

He performed as Barbra and Judy on Vega$ on March 12, 1980.

He played John Larroquette's college buddy who had a sex change on Night Court on November 7, 1985.

He was a guest on The Joan Rivers Show on September 20, 1989.

1 comment:

joel65913 said...

I had not heard about his passing, how sad. While I thought some of his impersonations were imperfect or overdone, he could often be most impressive and was certainly a trail blazer for his type of entertainment showing up on so many of the variety shows of the day and pretty much having the field to himself.