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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Remembering Mike Minor 1940 - 2016

Actor Mike Minor, who died on January 25 at age 75, was best known for his role as Steve Elliott on CBS's Petticoat Junction (1966–1970). In 1967, his character married Betty Jo Bradley (played by Linda Kaye Henning), and the following year Minor and Henning were married in real life (they divorced in 1973).

Other television credits include four daytime soap operas - The Edge of Night (1972), As the World Turns (1975), All My Children (1980-82) as Erica Kane's lover Brandon Kingsley, and Another World (1983-84)

Below you can watch him on Petticoat Junction and All My Children.


joel65913 said...

Geez what a month and beginning to a year!! Sometimes it feels like these passings come all in a bunch but the notables just get a lot of coverage and after a few weeks someone else goes but this has just been one on top of another on top of another.

I know Minor was, pardon the pun, a minor celebrity but I remember him well from Petticoat Junction when I was a kid and even when he was on All My Children for years I always thought of him as Steve Elliott when I first saw him.

Marc Harshbarger said...

Since I watched both Petticoat Junction (in repeats after school) and All My Children (from 1983 to around 1994), I, of course, had to feature Mr. Minor. Thanks for your comment, Joel!