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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Groovy Music Showdown #85: 1972-75, Round 3

In the 84th Groovy Music Showdown, the following albums from 2014-16 won and will be moving on to Round 3:

25 - Adele
Ready, Steady, Go! - Drake Bell
All American Boy - Steve Grand
Is There Anybody Out There? - A Great Big World
Stages - Josh Groban
Hamilton original Broadway cast recording
Wallflower - Diana Krall
747 - Lady Antebellum
The Original High - Adam Lambert
Nostalgia - Annie Lennox
V - Maroon 5
It's the Girls! - Bette Midler
Blue Smoke - Dolly Parton
Super - Pet Shop Boys
In the Lonely Hour - Sam Smith
1989 - Taylor Swift

Now we begin Round 3 with our 85th showdown, which takes us back to 1972-75 when the following 32 albums were released:

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