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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Grooviest Movies of 2016

I didn't see that many films in 2016, but I did see one that I absolutely loathed - an Austrian drama called Tomcat about a gay couple whose relationship is tested when one of them violently kills their pet cat. And (SPOILER ALERT) they eventually kiss and make up and get a new cat - even though the cat killer is still crazy! It makes me angry just thinking about it again, so let's move on to eight movies that I did enjoy (in order of preference):

8) Jonathan

7) Slash

6) The Slippers

5) Hail, Caesar!

4) Hello, My Name Is Doris

3) Closet Monster

2) Florence Foster Jenkins

1) La La Land

1 comment:

Christoph said...

Looking forward to seeing La La Land. Florence Foster Jenkins was a bit slight and forgettable though, although I thought Hugh Grant was surprisingly good in it. Not a fan of Hail, Caesar at all. Was so looking forward to it, but thought that only things that worked in it literally were the recreations of the old films, which kept getting pushed aside for the tedious kidnapping/Communist plot.