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Friday, April 28, 2017

Dish of the Month: Mr. April

Since January 2013, I've enjoyed featuring my weekly Deep Dish Pool Party, but now it's time for a change. Beginning today you can vote for your FIVE favorite Dishes of the month (click on pics to enlarge), and Mr. April will then be crowned at the end of May. Below you can also check out the first three monthly Dishes of 2017 (based on Pool Party votes), who will be eligible for Dish of the Year this December.

As for the results of last week's Deep Dish Pool Party #216, Dish #2029 received 36 invites, Dish #1937 had 33 (in his 40th week), Dishes #1995 and #2106 each had 30, and Dish #2121 had 29.

Mr. January: Dish #2060

Mr. February: Dish #2068 (Xristian Restrepo)

Mr. March: Dish #2106 (Justin Sanders)

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