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Friday, August 22, 2008

I Love Bonnie Hunt!

I adore the woman--always have. She's one of the funniest ladies around--and she was born and raised in Chicago and apparently hasn't missed a Cubs Opening Day since 1977 (that's reason enough in my book to love her). I also once saw a movie with her. Well, actually she and a few of her Second City pals were sitting in the front row of one of the old McClurg Court theaters to watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit? back in 1988. I was sitting much farther back, but I think we all enjoyed the film.

I didn't care much for her last TV show, Life with Bonnie (2002-04), which was a family comedy combined with an offbeat talk show (the latter part was funny; the former not so much). However, I adored her first two attempts at television sitcoms: The Building (1993) took place in an apartment building across from Wrigley Field and was just about Bonnie and her friends/neighbors hanging out together. The show was filmed live and had a very improvisational feel to it. It was canceled after only 5 episodes. Then in 1995, she did The Bonnie Hunt Show (aka Bonnie), in which she played a reporter. Each episode featured her interviewing everyday Chicagoans as her character, and eventually a touching romantic triangle developed between her, her boss and another co-worker. Very well-written but canceled after 12 episodes. Ms. Hunt also appeared as a supporting player on earlier sitcoms--Grand (1990) and Davis Rules (1991)--but her first two "headlining" shows were just delightful. A few interesting bits of trivia: she turned down a role on Designing Women in 1992 (I believe the talented Judith Ivey was cast instead), and she also declined the female lead on Mad About You (which, of course, went to her sister, Helen Hunt--just kidding! Helen and Bonnie aren't related, but I do think Bonnie would've been great as Jamie Buchman).

I also loved Bonnie's wonderful rapport with the late Tom Snyder whenever she appeared on his talk show.

And now Ms. Hunt is returning to television as host of her own talk show, which begins on Monday, September 8. I think she'll make a fabulous host. Click here to get more information on her new show.

So, as I said before, I love Bonnie Hunt. And my partner and I still occasionally go to the Dairy Queen on Irving Park Road, where Bonnie worked at back in 1977. Michael always gets a vanilla cone, and I get a chocolate malt.

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