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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

CNN's Campbell Brown vs. McCain Spinmeister

CNN's Campbell Brown takes on McCain spinmeister, Tucker Bounds, in this recent interview. You go, girl!


Yekim AV said...

I missed this and I'm thrilled that you shared it here.

"I'm just gonna give it to you baby!" I heart Campbell Brown. While Tucker may be cute, he's short on coming up with answers and facts about Palin. Campbell, another of my BFFs, really tried, almost for the four minutes of the clip, to get him to answer that one single question.

So what I gather is, if you add McCain's experience to Palin, she has more experience than Obama. Ironically, her biggest experience, is also her "good fortune of being on the ticket with John McCain."

Thanks Marc!

Deep Dish said...

Thanks for your wonderful comment, sir, and for reading my blog. Yes, Tucker is kind of cute--but he's a Republican. And cute Republicans only make me sad.

Yekim AV said...

Sad indeed. Maybe Tucker is a closeted Democrat? He should be out and proud. sigh