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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dance, Cloris, Dance: Granny Gone Wild!

Oh God, another two hours of Dancing With the Stars tonight--but I taped it so I could fast-forward through all the boring stuff. However, I must admit that the dances and music selections were far more entertaining this evening than last night--at least for the first hour or so. I thought the last five dancers--Ted, Cody, Rocco, Susan and Kim--were not impressive (yawn), and that they all received better scores than Cloris "I'm older than the mambo" Leachman is just plain wrong.

My girl, Cloris, stole the show once again with her and Corky's wild routine on the dance floor. But sadly she received the lowest score of the night (maybe she shouldn't have tried to bribe the judges with ten bucks each for a 10 score). I thought it was funny when the judge, Bruno, told Cloris he wants her to perform as Nurse Diesel (her character in Mel Brooks' 1977 film, High Anxiety) next week on the show--if she returns. Obviously the host, the bland Mr. Bergeron, isn't a Mel Brooks fan since he didn't know what Bruno was talking about and rudely interrupted Ms. Leachman's brief Diesel impersonation. The studio audience certainly loves Cloris, so hopefully she'll survive tomorrow's elimination.

I'm not surprised that the comedian Jeff got booted off tonight. In addition to not being a good dancer, he's also pretty much a non-celebrity--at least in my world. I've never heard of the guy before. As for the best dancers of the evening, the modeling mother Brooke is still my favorite (as well as the judges' since she received an impressive score of 26 out of 30), with Toni in second place. I also enjoyed Maurice and Lance's dances. And on that rhyming note, I will end this edition of Dance, Cloris, Dance!

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