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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dance, Cloris, Dance!

Personally I'd rather watch Eating With the Comedians than ABC's Dancing With the Stars. Comedian Jeffrey Ross, one of Dancing's "celebrity" contestants this season, mentioned this imaginary Eating show as a joke, but I actually think he might be on to something. Get a group of comedians together and go to a different restaurant each week and see who can eat the most tacos or slices of pizza--oh, I know it's a silly idea, but at least it wouldn't be as boring as Dancing With the Stars, which began its seventh season tonight.

Thank God for Cloris Leachman, who got the entire audience on its feet in a standing ovation and then worked the judges into a fun frenzy of chaos. She was a hoot--a female Don Rickles--and I voted for her a few times. And to be honest, Ms. Leachman is the only reason I'm tuning in. As long as she keeps strutting her stuff on the dance floor, I will continue to watch the show. But I might tape it from now on, so I can fast-forward through all the pretty male and female dancers blending together into a bland blob of sparkling sequins and pearly whites. Oh sure, the young men are cute, but after thirteen dances, I didn't want to see anyone else shaking their booty or spinning around. I guess Dancing is just not my cup of tea.

I'll confess that I'm not a reality show lover. I like Kathy Griffin's show, but that's not a competition--it's just funny. And my guilty pleasure is The Bachelorette because I do enjoy watching 25 hunky guys fight over one lucky lady--and years ago I did tune in to that gay show, Boy Meets Boy. But that's the extent of my reality viewing. However, I adore Cloris Leachman, the winner of NINE Emmy Awards and one Oscar. And I am going to root for her to win, even though it's doubtful she will. But, hey, tonight she scored better than three other people--Susan "Erica Kane" Lucci (who did look great in her red dress), chef Rocco DiSpirito and Mr. Ross--and I'm sure one of them will be booted off tomorrow evening. And if the judges were voting on best sense of humor by a dancer, I would hope Ms. Leachman would receive 10s across the board.

So tonight I did watch all the dancers, and I think singer Toni Braxton, reality TV star Kim Kardashian and model--and mother of four--Brooke Burke were the best of the bunch. But I really don't care who wins--unless Cloris surprises us all and survives until she's one of the final two left dancing. The 82-year-old actress isn't a star--she's a legend. And Dancing With the Stars should hope that she sticks around for awhile to provide some much-needed comic relief from the rest of the beautiful bland dancing folks.


Anonymous said...

As someone with limited dance experience, and not ballroom dance either, I must tastefully disagree with you on one small point. Kim Kardashian would not be in my top three of the women. Brooke and Toni, yes, were great but Kim just wasn't present in her movements, her arms and hands seemed at times to be flailing around. The only male celebrity dancer who showed any real promise and comfortability was Lance Bass. I felt his routine was young, fresh and edgy, in spite of what the old crumpet said. Maybe it will liven up the show.

MargOH! Channing said...

I agree, I feel "dancing with the stars" is one of the most boring shows on TV,
I much preferred "Dance Fever". I tuned in last season for a bit but there are so many breaks and the flow sucks I stopped watching...

Cloris was funny but after watching until she performed was all I could handle. Whats up with lance bass, a little too much bronzer, I almost thought he was about to bust into an al Jolson tribute...

Kisses, M

Deep Dish said...

I liked Kim and her cute dance partner. I thought their costumes were great and their choice of song--the Pink Panther theme--was fun. I doubt they will win--Brooke and Toni are better dancers. But I'm still rooting for Cloris!!!