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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dance, Cloris, Dance: Grand Duchess in Lust

They liked her. The judges really really liked Cloris Leachman on last night's Dancing With the Stars. Len called her and Corky's tango "absolutely fabulous" and Bruno said the "Grandma From Hell" became the "Grand Duchess in Lust". And for once she didn't receive the lowest score of the evening. That honor went to Maurice and Rocco, but I have to confess that I enjoyed the former's disco groove to KC and the Sunshine Band (I'm a sucker for the '70s). The judges, however, did not care much for Maurice's retro dance. I predict that chef Rocco will finally be eliminated on tonight's results show--his samba was not well-received. As for the top dancing duo, that title once again has to go to Brooke and Derek, whose "raunchy" samba made me want to go take a cold shower afterwards. Derek has a very sexy chest that should be on display every week. And I think these two will--and should--win the overall competition. They're clearly the best of the bunch. Brooke seems like one of the professional dancers rather than someone who is learning how to dance. She's that good. But she better watch out for Cloris, who may just surprise everyone and be one of the last two celebrities dancing. Brooke vs. Cloris--now there's the show I'm waiting to see.


MaxStone01 said...

Cloris gave a stunning performance with that Tango. I'm glad she pulled it together with just the right amount of skill and sass! Go Cloris!

Deep Dish said...

The right amount of skill and sass will get you far in life.