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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Party in Chicago: Obamapalooza 2008

Let's hope on the evening of November 4 we are all partying in Chicago with Barack and Michelle. The Chicago Tribune reported today that Obama's campaign will be holding an Election Night celebration in the south end of Grant Park here in the Windy City (where the annual Taste of Chicago is held). It will be announced in the near future whether people will need to register online or obtain a ticket in advance in order to attend this historic event. When I told my partner about all this tonight, he wasn't that enthusiastic about going since he loves to watch all the returns of the other races on election night. But I countered his argument by saying that the Obama campaign would most certainly have large TV screens around the park for everyone to watch the election returns (on either MSNBC or CNN I would predict). So who knows if we'll be going. Neither of us are big fans of enormous crowds (like the 100,000 at Obama's amazing St. Louis rally this past weekend--but I predict a MUCH LARGER gathering on Election Night), and the weather is always kind of iffy here in Chicago. BUT it's Obama!!! We'll see (I've got two weeks to convince him).

I did find the following Tribune comment from a guy named Dave very funny: "In related news, McCain and Palin have announced they will hold an election night party at Shakey's Pizza on Rt 54 in Tumbleweed, AZ. The back room has been reserved." Meow.

And, finally, I will end this post with one of the most uncomfortable gaffes I've seen on the campaign trail. Watch McCain at a rally in Western Pennsylvania today agree with Rep. Murtha's unfortunate statement from last week that some of the people from that region of the state are racist. I think the senator needs to go lie down for awhile, don't you?


Greg Tarter said...

Yeah, he needs to take a nap: a dirt nap...

Deep Dish said...

Well, that's a bit harsh. I think he just needs a nice nap for the next 2 weeks.