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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

As the Election Turns: Hope Won

Oprah wore a shirt today on her show that said "Hope Won". And it did with the election of Barack Obama as our next president. I'm still finding it hard to believe that the election is finally over. What am I going to blog about now? Movies and TV and celebrity gossip are always fun topics, but there's just something about politics that is fascinating and scary at the same time. If Sarah Palin had just been some ditzy actress saying stupid things, I would've called her an idiot and moved on. But since she was a candidate for Vice President saying stupid things, well, that made her an idiot with a great deal of power. It's been fun making fun of her for the past few months, but at the same time I've had a horrible sick feeling in my stomach that this crazy lady might actually win. She's certainly been an interesting and frightening character, but it's time to say goodbye to her--at least for a few years. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Palin, but I think the woman is delusional if she really believes that she will be a viable Republican candidate for President in 2012. We have very long memories, baby. Oh sure, her rabid, racist base will come out and support her again (I think I read where some folks are already donating money to her Presidential campaign). However, the rest of America--the sane part--will continue to ignore her. I'm not sure who the Republicans will run in four years--and I don't really care. I can't think that far ahead. And I just want to enjoy this special moment in time for as long as I can. Goodbye, Sarah, have a safe journey back to Alaska and your "bright future", which FOX NEWS believes you have.

I didn't do too bad in predicting the electoral votes (Obama 349, McCain 189)--I only missed on Missouri and Indiana, which went to McCain and Obama, respectively, instead of vice versa. But the final results could still give Obama 349 votes and McCain 189 if the latter ends up with North Carolina. However, Obama is leading there by a very slim margin, and I, of course, would prefer that he receive the state's votes. And that's pretty much all I have left to say about this incredible election. Obviously there will be no more As the Election Turns posts, but I might be inspired to begin an As the White House Turns on January 20, 2009. For now I leave you with two videos--the first one featuring Oprah unleashing her joy over Obama's victory; the second one showing Hell freezing over on The View today as Elisabeth Hasselbeck amazingly says some very nice things about Obama. I would never have believed it without seeing it. Also, I was unexpectedly moved to tears by Sherri Sheppard's heartfelt words. I think everyone in America--regardless of political affiliation--has somehow been affected by the election of Barack Obama as our next President. I wish him a fabulous stay at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

UPDATE on Nov. 6: Obama has won North Carolina's 15 electoral votes, bringing his total to 364. He turned NINE states that Bush won in 2004 to Democratic blue.


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