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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day #2: All Quiet on the Chicago Front

No lines. No waiting. At least at my polling place this morning. And we vote with paper ballots--filling in a space between two arrows with a pen--and then it's inserted into a machine that reads the information. This process is a bit tedious--especially when it seems like there are a million judges to vote for. But otherwise, it's very simple and easy. I'm not sure why the rest of the country doesn't vote this way. It makes no sense to me.

So I voted. Then I took an exit poll for Spanish television, and one of the young girls running it said, "Go Obama!", after she looked at my completed questionnaire. The other girl--a Republican--quickly admonished her for announcing who I voted for, but no one else was around.

Finally, here's some interesting info I just read: Two years ago 30,000 Americans--600 in each state--were asked who they would vote for in 2008 if the candidates were McCain and Obama. McCain won 510 Electoral Votes. Obama won only 28 (Illinois, Hawaii and the District of Columbia). What a difference a few years make.

As for the Bob Hope pic, I think it's funny.


MaxStone01 said...

I've cast my vote! No lines, no waiting. I always get my between lunch and end of work day voting in! I'm nervous with anticipation!

Deep Dish said...

Take a deep breath. Think positive, happy thoughts.

But I'm nervous with anticipation, too.