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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Join the Impact: Protest Prop 8 on November 15

I've never participated in a protest before, but I guess there is a first time for everything in life. This is not just a California issue. This is an issue of equality across America. So I plan to attend the Chicago protest this Saturday at 12:30 pm at Federal Plaza (Dearborn/Adams), and--judging from a "Join the Impact" Facebook group--over 2,300 people will be attending (so far).

This is a nationwide event. Every major city in America (and some around the world) will be protesting on Saturday. To find a protest near you, go to:


Steve M said...

I am attending the L.A. event.
Wouldn't miss it.
Taking away rights is always wrong.

swivek said...

I'll be at the L.A. one as well. I had never protested before either but this will be my fourth time in the last two weeks.. we can't let this become the norm. I am so proud that so many people are coming out and protesting this.