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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pranking Palin: Is This Woman Completely Clueless?

The Masked Avengers, a Quebec comedy duo known for prank calls to celebrities and heads of state, recently chatted with Sarah Palin, who thought she was speaking with French President Nicolas Sarkozy. During the telephone interview (which you can listen to below), they discuss the perils of hunting with McCain supporter Dick Cheney. And even when "Sarkozy" mentions that his wife, Carla, is good in bed, Palin just laughs and continues their conversation. Unbelievable. And apparently the real Sarkozy can barely speak English, which Palin is obviously not aware of. Her spokeswoman issued a response, saying that the governor was "mildly amused" by the prank. Personally, I find it highly amusing--and very scary that this woman wants to be our next Vice President.


Bodhi said...

Hey dude, I like your blog! I found you through your membership of GLBT Network on Widgetbox, and have now added a direct link to you on my blog as well.


Sydney, Australia

PS. Don't ya just hate Carribou Barbie?

Deep Dish said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, Bodhi! I've added a link to your fabulous blog as well.

And Caribou Barbie needs to go back to Alaska for good on Nov. 5! Please, God, let this happen!