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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Best of 2009: Web Series

Web series were more popular than ever in 2009, and I became a fan of many fun and addictive shows. Here are my 10 favorites of the year in alphabetical order (click on a show's title to watch more episodes):

Empire: A sudsy soap opera about a rich family, sibling rivalries, love triangles, and a possible murder.

Gotham The Series: A continuing drama with lots of familiar soap opera faces, including Martha Byrne (As the World Turns), Michael Park (As the World Turns), Maeve Kinkead (Guiding Light), Anna Stuart (Another World), Lisa Peluso (Another World, Loving), Kurt McKinney (Guiding Light) and Kin Shriner (General Hospital).

HA!: This satiric series centers around a conflicted young man who joins HA (Homosexuals Anonymous), a program to help Christian men and women overcome the gay lifestyle. Bruce Vilanch and Scott Nevins co-star.

Homewrecker Houseboy: A campy gay soap opera with hot hunks--what more can you ask for?

Horrible People: A raunchy and hilarious soap opera about horrible people.

I Love Dick!: A gay version of I Love Lucy starring the cute Jeremy Lucas.

Jack In A Box: Michael Cyril Creighton's hilarious series is about a guy named Jack who works in an off-off Broadway theatre box office.

Tired Old Queen at the Movies: The fabulous Steve Hayes (Trick, The Big Gay Musical) dishes about classic films like Written on the Wind, The Bishop's Wife and Desk Set.

Web Therapy: The lovely Lisa Kudrow stars as Fiona Wallace, a therapist with limited patience for other people's problems.

WeHo: A sordid gay tale of shirtless studs and bitch divas who live in West Hollywood. Think Melrose Place with drag queens.


Stephen said...

Thanks for the amazing blog. I am daily reader & I have really enjoyed myself in 2009!
I remain a fan.
Wishing you love & warmth in the new decade!

RV Birds of a Feather said...

Thanks for this great post! You have opened my eyes to some truly great series that I had missed. I am hoping I can catch up on some of these.


Deep Dish said...

Thank you for your kind words and support, Stephen! Have a fabulous 2010!

Deep Dish said...

And a happy 2010 to you, too, Ken! Thanks for the comment!

PerpetuallyNauseous said...

You are too good to me! Thank you!
Writing season 2 now! Hope you liked the Season 1 closer.

Deep Dish said...

Thank you, Mr. Creighton, for entertaining me so much in 2009, and I can't wait for Season 2!

AJ Christian said...

Thanks for keeping me abreast of the web series you've seen!

I've compiled a list of gay/lesbian web series using a number of the ones I saw on this site.

Let me know if you know of/find any others!

Deep Dish said...

Thanks, AJ, for sharing your list of web series. I plan on featuring a few of them in the next month or so.